The I Have A Dream Speech

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The Year of 1963 The year of 1963 was a year of alarm for American’s. Throughout the country, Americans were experiencing events of mass chaos for the first time. From assassinations of political figures, to riots and protests to end segregation were just a few of the problems that started in this year. Martin Luther King Jr. was a huge political figure in this era. He began protests and marches that lead to controversy around the United States. These marches and protests however, lead to violent acts. He also delivered the “I Have a Dream Speech” and changed the world that we live in today. Next, the 16th Street Baptist church bombing occurred leaving a lot of controversy between the Native American and African American races. John …show more content…

The SCLC organization still began their campaign in Birmingham, Alabama where they used nonviolent, but creative tactics to create negotiation. One of their tactics was recruiting children and young adults to participate in the campaigns they were hosting. Martin Luther King and the SCLC knew what they were doing to make a change. Even though King was in prison, these protests with the children and young adults were still occurring. The Birmingham Police Department began to use high powered water jets from fire engines and attack dogs against the protestors; including young adults (“Martin Luther King Jr.”). The media had these violent acts of the Police officers broadcasted and this began nationwide conflict. White Americans started to change their minds when they saw the violent acts occurring. Public places began allowing African Americans to come in and started accepting there business (“Martin Luther King Jr.” 1). President Kennedy was big help to King in achieving success in his protests and The March on Washington (“Southern Christian Leadership Conference” 1). The March on Washington had a quarter of a million people participating leading to the Lincoln memorial (“Civil Rights March on Washington” 1). This is the location where Martin Luther King gave his “I Have a Dream Speech”. The protests, speech, and March were big factors in pushing the Civil Rights Act. The 16th Baptist Church

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