The Iliad Of Homer 's Achilles

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Every human, throughout life will tend to make mistakes. They personally tend to think something is good one day then look back on it later just to realize it was not such a great idea. Through these mistakes personally, one grows as a person and learns from them. In The Iliad of Homer, Achilles goes through many trials and tribulations, making some harsh and careless choices. Sorrowfully, Achilles does not learn from these mistakes until it’s far too late. One of Achilles first prolonged lessons learned was that one should be less intense when it comes to one’s values. During the first couple books of The Iliad of Homer, honor is the most important thing to Achilles. Honor comes before all. Unfortunately, in book nineteen, Achilles beloved comrade and brother-in-arms Patroklos is killed by Hector, the eldest son of the Trojan king. In the beginning of book nineteen Achilles becomes portrayed as devastated and angry. Latimore shows us here in lines 1-40:
And Thetis came to the ships and carried with her the gifts of Hephaistos. She found her beloved son lying in the arms of Patroklos crying shrill, and his companions in their numbers about him mourned. She, shining among divinities, stood there beside them. She clung to her son’s hand and called him by name and spoke to him: “My child, now, though we grieve for him, we must let this man lie dead, in the way he first was killed through the gods’ designing. Accept rather from me the glorious arms of Hephaistos, so splendid,

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