The Illuminati : The Dispiracy Theory Of The Iluminati

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The Illuminati The conspiracy theory known as the Illuminati is an ambiguous term that is often used to cover up numerous unexplained happenings of the world. It is simply the supposed overlord that are in control of all the world’s undertakings with the final objective of establishing a New World Order. It is proclaimed that the Illuminati has agents that control all aspects of life, including entertainment, music, banks, politics, and much more. Many also believe that the Illuminati is responsible for many other conspiracy theories, such as the deaths of Michael Jackson and John F. Kennedy, the 9/11 attacks, and even the French Revolution. However, most people do not completely understand what the actual purpose of the original Illuminati was and what all of the common theories are. The Illuminati has an interesting history. Whether or not the modern Illuminati is real, there was a actual secret society in Bavaria in 1776 known as “the Order of the Illuminati.” This group was founded by Adam Weishapt, a German philosopher who was the Dean of the University of Ingolstadt. He was given this job at the young age of 27, which created intense havoc among the priests at the university. All that Weishapt wanted was to be given more freedom from the Roman Catholic Church, especially in the topics of science and philosophy. He also sought liberty from the fierce restrictions the government held on the people. Through this strong desire of independence, Weishapt created his own

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