The Illustrated Man the Fox and the Forest Essay

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In the short story, “The Fox and the Forest,” from the anthology The Illustrated Man, Ray Bradbury uses suspense and symbolism to support the theme of the story. In the story, a young couple, William and Susan Travis, are trying to escape their past, which would be our future. They want to escape the future because it is all industrial, with a bomb and biological war occurring and human’s lives having little value. They use time travel to go back in time to Pennsylvania as a vacation, but during their stay, they ran away to Mexico. That’s where they are hiding when the searchers find them and a high tension capture of the couple happens. The theme of the story is, “Out of the frying pan and into the fire.” Symbolism and suspense are a key …show more content…

The couple are so frightened of being captured and taken back to the future, that it makes you suspect they will eventually be caught. At the festival they attended in Mexico, the couple took keen notice of this one stranger who Bradbury took care to describe clearly. The stranger had, “…bottles at his immaculate elbow; a fat bottle of crème de menthe, a clear bottle of vermouth, a flagon of cognac, and seven other bottles of assorted liqueurs and, at his finger tips, ten small

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