The Image of Haifa, Isreal through Poetry Essay

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Being Israel’s third largest city, Haifa is one of the most diverse and unique cities in Israel. Haifa as a city is a mosaic that has been defined by a variety of qualities that have been portrayed through literature, in particular poetry, ranging from a time period beginning in the early 20th century to the late 20th century. Haifa’s proximity to the sea and its active port, one of the largest in the Mediterranean, contribute to its prominence, drawing merchants, shoppers, and tourists from all across the world. The Port of Haifa has been a major factor in regards to the demographic diversity of the city. This diversity has lead to a form of cultural diffusion within Haifa in regards to both religions and customs, and thus for this …show more content…

56) These lines illustrate Haifa as a vast desert too difficult to inhabit due to being encompassed by intense heat. However, as in the previous poem, White goes on to describe how the harmony and beauty within the shrine make him unaware of the intense heat, “His effort restores to his eyes the palette…flowers riotously colored…the sky incredibly blue”. (Haifa: A Poetic Journey, White, pg. 56). It is the harmony present within not only the shrine, but also the city itself that has allowed for Haifa to become inhabited by such a diversity of people, as Roger White metaphorically portrays in his poetic journal. Other than Haifa’s natural beauty, one of the more unique qualities of the city is that it is built around Mount Carmel; a mountain sprawled within the center of the city itself. Mount Carmel has long been considered a symbol of beauty within the city of Haifa because of its proximity to the sea, which gives the mountain large quantities of precipitation, and thus enabling the growth Mediterranean groves. During spring in particular, variety of diverse and colorful flora bloom throughout the mountain. Early 20th century poet Gabriel Priel gives a scintillating description of how the city of Haifa looks from atop Mount Carmel in his poem, “On the Carmel”. (Haifa: A Poetic Journey,

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