Kabul Poem Analysis

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Beautiful Kabul Kabul is a beautiful poem, written by Saib-e-Tabrizi, that is an ode addressing the city of Kabul. Throughout the poem Tabrizi describes the beauty of Kabul. The theme is Kabul is beautiful. The literary devices in this poem are similes, personification,and allusion. These three literary devices portray theme and describe how beautiful Kabul really is. The first literary device that expresses the theme that Kabul is beautiful is personification. Throughout the poem Kabul is addressed as a female and given female characteristics. In line one in the poem Tabrizi states, “The beautiful city of Kabul wears a rugged mountain skirt”(Line one). In fact, Kabul is simply surrounded by mountains. The use of personification allows the reader to see Kabul as a woman wearing a skirt, many would agree that saying that Kabul is beautiful and wears a skirt seems more appealing than saying Kabul is surrounded by mountains. The use of this example of personification gives the attributes of feminine beauty to a region of land to express just how beautiful it truly is. Another example of personification is found in stanza six, line 2. This line reads “Even the Tuba of Paradise is jealous of their greenery” (Line 22). The Tuba Of Paradise is heaven in the Islamic faith and it is saying heaven is jealous of the greenery of the gardens in Kabul. By saying that a heavenly place is jealous of the appearance of an place on earth, one gets the impression that Kabul must be very

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