The Immigration Journey Of El Norte

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Latinas Immigration Journey El Norte, “The North” has been a dream to almost every citizen from Latin America countries that are marginalize and feel rejected by society and their own governments. We hear tales of El Norte were anyone who crosses the border and works hard can save money to send to their families, can eventually afford to buy a car. and then owned a home of their own. When I got the opportunity to move to El Norte, I could not comprehend any of the ambitious people around me said I would be able to attain with my brand new green card. At that time the only thing I could think of is that I would finally be able to spend time with the voice from the other side of the telephone. A voice I was schedule to hear once a week in the neighborhood mini mart run by Sambrano, the owner of the only telephone in town. That voice that will asked me, how school was going? If I behave well and payed attention to my mother and grandfather? I would answer his questions with delight and tell him tales of my older brothers mischievous behaviour towards me. The conversation will always end with a teary voice from the other side, telling me that soon he will be able to see me. I can honestly say I can only recall one memory of my father from my pre-Norte life. My brother Jesus and I playing in with the sand of a small dry stream near our home, we lift our heads up when we hear footsteps approaching, when we recognize the silhouette of the person approaching we ran towards him
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