The Immigration Of The United States

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The vast majority of people living in the United States are descendants of immigrants, and yet majority of them are against them. It is quickly forgotten that America was built on immigrants that wanted a new life. A life free from harsh government, and the freedom from forced religion. The original settlers were immigrants that stole this land; immigrants continued to come for years. It is not a newly constructed concept that immigrants have always been a problem, ask any Native American. One used to be able to freely travel the world without visas and migration has always happened; without the need of passports. When one hears the word "immigrants," the first thing they think of is Mexican and that is where they are wrong. People migrate to the U.S. from all different parts of the world like Europe, Africa, Asia, etc.. Mexico is targeted constantly because of borders leading into the U.S, the access can be a little more realistic to obtain. Unlike Europe and Asia and all other countries, the access to the U.S is more challenging. There are those that are granted visas, with the no intention of returning back to their country. It happens more often than one thinks, and its happening but that is never talked about. No one seems to want to see the bigger picture here. There is an ugly label stamped on immigrants. Now a days, many against immigrants are quick to judge and want to shut out immigrants; try to label them under unnecessary categories. The amount of hypocrisy
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