The Impact Human have on Our Planet

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“Many people today assume mistakenly that the Earth is so big that we humans cannot possibly have any major impact on the way our planet’s ecological system operates” (Al Gore in An Inconvenient Truth, by Al Gore). Former Vice President Al Gore made a documentary movie called, “An Inconvenient Truth.” He talks about how global warming is affecting our way of life and how it is affecting the Earth. He mentions facts about the misconceptions that surround global warming, which is very surprising to see and hear that our Earth is being affected by the things we do in our every day lives. With the facts from the movie and what we have learned in class about the climate changes, I believe that in time it will affect our life, if we do not change it now. In the movie, “ An Inconvenient Truth,” presented by former Vice President Al Gore who has traveled around the world talking about global warming and its affects that it is having on our planet. He talks to large amounts of people, and in the background he has satellite pictures, scientific models, graphs, and other images while he talks. Even though the subject about global warming has been a debate for years, he strongly believes that it is happening now. Scientists believe, that when people use vehicles, factories, and greenhouse gases that give off carbon dioxide, is the reason why temperature increases in the atmosphere. He showed a similar increase in the Earth’s temperature, by showing pictures of melting glaciers and ice

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