The Impact Of Cyber Attacks On Technology

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1 Everyday we see innovations, new technology in the market, updates, upgrades. The world is moving forward and it is moving rapidly. Businesses around the globe are becoming more dependent on an ever-increasing selection of IT systems and technologies more and more as time goes on. Furthermore, they need to be interconnected with their suppliers, venders, customers and business partners. The dependency on technology combined with interconnection of their business and rapid increase has increased the potential of cyber security risks. Cyber attacks are not just an IT problem; they are more a business risk. Hacking has evolved from hackers to hack for fun to just look for technical vulnerabilities to being sponsored attacks that are targeting specific industries, sectors, companies, and individuals. Cyber attacks methods evolve incredibly fast, complexity, and impact with new, more complex cyber risks everyday. “Many organizations across the industry spectrum are suffering from substantive technology debt.” ( Companies are so focused with their emerging business technologies, but they forget that their IT infrastructure is suffering. Their IT infrastructure is aging and it is getting to the point that it cannot even support basic data security functions. Yes, Technology has grown its influence on business, such as “mobile solutions, social media, alternative workplace solutions, collaborative product innovation, digitized healthcare, and telemedicine.”…
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