The Impact Of Hip Hop As A Subculture

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2Pac, Drake, Jay-Z, 50 cent, Snoop Dogg, Notorious B. I. G. all these musicians have at least one thing in common, they are all considered hip hop musicians. Hip hop has influenced and changed the pop music scene in the past few decades. Hip Hop or Rap is characterized by words that are conveyed in a rapid rhyming manner over electronic or instrumental music. It is marked as the music of the african american culture, however today it continues to grow in popularity among a variety of ethnic groups. From the beginning, the main impression of the Hip Hop subculture often involved the black youth or young black adults who tend to rebel against or resistance towards, the dominant white American society. Hip Hop was initially formed by black youth itself in the 1970s, on the streets of the Bronx, a crime filled poor neighborhood in New York. Back then the streets of New York were ruled by African American and …show more content…

Even though some of these may sound like real stereotypes, there is a deep and meaningful side to hip hop as a subculture. Hip Hop conveys or symbolizes a voice, a message and especially a lifestyle about the feelings and the continuous struggles as well as the slow evolving successes of black youth in America, for the people who are a part of this subculture. The subcultures four most defining activities are: disc-jockeying or DJ-ing, graffiti art, breakdancing, and rapping. However, gestures such as handshakes, hand signs, above mentioned values, attitudes and opinions and typical large hip hop clothing are also associated with hip hop culture. Hip Hop is a mixture of African American, West indian as well as Puerto Rican cultures, with the main idea that we are all african people. The point is, black people held on to motivational speeches, dance movements and attitudes which eventually created the groundwork for the evolution of Hip Hop in the African American

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