The Impact Of Internet On Strategy : Digital And Marketing Concept

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3 Impact of the Internet on Strategy

Digital and marketing concept focuses on the referrals that are the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to get the ideal clients .The core concept of marketing begins with the customer the 1st step is to maximize production by using three ways to increase revenue and these are increasing the number of clients, increase the number of transactions and increase the frequency of transactions. The second step is the Geometric Growth for instance if a business gets a 10% increase in clients from 10 different sources that helps with 100% client growth. Step 3 is Borrow Successes .The core marketing and brand concepts are:
I. Needs: which is a state of deprivation of some basic satisfaction.
II. Wants: are desire for specific satisfiers to fulfil the needs.
III. Demand: are wants of specific products that are backed by ability and willingness to buy them.
IV. Value: is about the differences between customer benefits that derives from the costs of the benefits.
V. Competition
VI. Markets
VII. Marketing channels
VIII. Supply Chain
IX. Marketing environment
Customer satisfaction is important which means good and services that are not good or met will result in low customer value and it doesn 't even matter whether the prices are low or not.
The core concepts focuses on the exchange and transactions in how many ways customers can get what they want. There are four ways to get what they want and these are: self-production, coercion, begging,

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