The Impact Of Our Attitude On Our Work

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The Impact Our Attitude’s Has On Our Work Our attitudes are a large factor in our day to day lives. If we wake up jovially, then we are most likely going to have an enjoyable day; but if we are upset the chances of having a good day are slim to none. The same concept applies to the work we perform. When we have a positive attitude, we will be willing to “work hard” and appreciate what we are accomplishing. However, if we are down in the slumps, we consider our work to be “hard work” and naturally the amount we care decreases. The attitude we have as individuals when working determines if we are “working hard” because we genuinely care about our work instead just of performing “hard work” that delivers insignificant or no personal reward. Waking up on the right side of the bed, tasting freshly brewed morning coffee, driving to work and hitting all the green lights, gets us in a mood that makes us radiate. If it was humanly possible to have a day like that every day, we’d all expect nothing less. Our work would become simple and the amount of energy we had from not despising our jobs would be bouncing off the walls. Curt Rosengren, an author that offers people tools to turn their dreams into realities, believes that if we are performing work we align with, we are being energized and holding on to the energy we would otherwise lose if we didn’t like our jobs (Rosengren). In an online article, “Why Loving Your Work Matters”, Curt addresses five ways loving our jobs can impact
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