Florida Population Growth Essay

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Florida’s population is increasing by the minute. If we look at the population growth from a yearly perspective, the numbers are in the thousands. In the last five years, Florida’s population has grown from (19,582,022) to about (20, 974, 964) between the years of 2013 – 2017. Florida’s growth rate was in 2016 was the fourth highest in the nation. The three other states in ahead of Florida were Utah, Nevada and Idaho and the percentage of Florida growth was 1.82 percent (Brinkmann, 2016). Due to the rapid increase in population, some past trends are reoccurring. For example, according to (Wilson, 2017) “there is some evidence that Americans are once again moving out of urban counties and into the suburbs and exurban areas, reviving a …show more content…

Health care in the United States at the moment is a very controversial topic. Revising healthcare policies to benefit the public is a tough task, especially because we have recently switched presidents. Budgeting is and will always have policy issues every year in Florida and in every other state. Lawmakers will address budgeting and spending options will be pulled in various directions. Incoming funds will be reduced, creating a fight between legislators for different reasons. Marijuana policy changes are becoming broader by the day as some states have made it legal already. “After 71 percent of Florida voters approved Amendment 2 to authorize the use of medical marijuana for patients with debilitating medical conditions, legislators are having a challenging time with implementation” (Good Government Group, 2017).
What are the educational and experiential backgrounds of the Budget director? Mark Hammett is the Florida budget director as of March 2017. He is well educated in accounting through his career as Financial Administrator in the Division of Consumer Finance. Mark Hammett holds a bachelor’s degree, which he earned at Florida State University (FSU).
Discuss in detail the process for preparing and approving the budget. In the preparation process of the budget it is principle to include strategic planning, agency budget preparation and putting together the executive budget. These are the three

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