The Negative Impact Of Recent Olympic Games On The Host Country

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The negative impact of recent Olympic Games on the host country has caused controversy on whether this event is sustainable. The Olympics have a huge impact on the economic, social, and environmental aspects of the country, but the multiple viewpoints show that everyone perceives these impacts differently. Furthermore, assuming that one aspect brings positive impacts to the country, there is always a chance that another aspect is influenced differently. The cost of the Games is one of the largest impacts on the country, and the Olympic Games in 2008 cost $42 billion alone ( Additional factors, such as the pollution caused or the drawbacks of tourism, have also led the media to question whether the Olympics are worth the …show more content…

London spent almost $1 billion building the stadium and transforming it for the different events ( Cities also spend billions refreshing their infrastructure, which includes new airports, roads, subway systems, parks, and public buildings. While this can be an advantage, the cost of improving all of these in a short period of time becomes substantially greater because of the time limit. In 1992, Barcelona spent 83% of their expenditure on infrastructure improvement; only 17% went towards the Games themselves ( Host countries are always competing for “bigger” and “better” Olympics, which keeps increasing costs each time as well.
Because this large debt must be paid for eventually, government has turned to increasing taxes to help pay off debt. This puts a strain on citizens’ income, and consumers end up spending less. Some debt is paid off by the revenue from the Games, but it is a common misconception that the Olympics bring in enough money to cover expenses ( The London Games brought in only $5.2 billion from their games, while they spent over $15 billion. Out of the revenue brought in, most of it would go to international companies that occupy the country just for the Olympics. This results in the billions of dollars in debt.
On the other hand, the Olympics have created a positive economic impact for the host country in many other ways. The increased tourism causes an economic boost

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