The Olympic Games in Ancient Greece and Now

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Throughout the years, major events such as the Olympic games have shaped our history, establishing global tradition and unity. The games serve as a gathering for hundreds of competing nations, with each country showcasing their best athletes. However, the games were not always how they are today and have changed dramatically throughout the years.
The first recorded Olympics were held in 776 B.C. However, it is believed that the games had been going on much earlier. It is said that Heracles, the son of Zeus and Alcmene, was the founding father of the Olympic games (The Olympic Games 1). The Olympics essentially began as a religious ceremony honoring the Greek god Zeus. The celebration was a sporting event held in Olympia, where the title of the “Olympics” was originated. The festival occurred every four years in the summer and featured a series of athletic contests. Many of which are very different from the sports played today.
The games played during the Olympics in ancient Greece over three thousand years ago consisted of running and equestrian events, javelin, wrestling and boxing. Horse drawn chariots were often used in equestrian events. Over time new sports were added. As culture changed and the games became international, sports such as chariot races were no longer a part of the modernized Olympics. The combination between wrestling and boxing was a sport known as pankration. However the sport included no rules. This has changed with the introduction of the modern
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