The Impact Of Religion On American History

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Religion has come to become a very controlling aspect of people’s lives throughout the world. The very essence of having a faith background to rely on is very comforting for humankind. Since religion has grown to be such a vital role in shaping people’s views and decisions, religious conflict has also sprouted up (Olmstead). It has also been the reason for many wars throughout history. Religion as a source of ideal and morale has gone on for years. In this research paper, I will be investigating the effect religion has played in American wars, specifically. Moreover, I will address the key aspects of religion that can be seen to have influenced American history. The key tenets, which show why religion has been at the forefront of American conflict, are the concepts of ideology, morale, and democracy. Ideology has started off when the first colonists came to America. This ideology has continued on for years in the way American has dealt with issues such as war. But moreover, it has integrated with religion to be a direct effect on wars we have been in. Morale has also been one of the central points of why America has responded to so many religious conflicts in America the way they have. And lastly, religion has been instrumental in imparting democracy through out America’s history of wars. American history, itself starts off with religion and faith. Many people forget that America was founded on the basis of people trying to flee religious persecution in England. So,
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