The Impact Of Rock And Roll On Society

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Throughout the entire history of Rock and Roll, it is very apparent just how great of an impact social and cultural change has made on the development of the genre. Society is such a powerful entity and its influences on art are very often overlooked. If one person has the ability to independently influence and conduct change, imagine the available influence that is made possible with society as a whole during notable periods of development and change throughout the history of America. As discussed in this paper, music has been a collaborative development with several determining factors. Society, including both black and white individuals, has previously and continues to develop music into a powerful and meaningful art form. Music allows society an outlet to express their feelings of sorrow, confusion, and happiness. Rock and Roll contains several umbrella sub-genres that have made major impacts on the music that is known and enjoyed today. It is one of the best ways in which to universally connect with other people throughout the world with common and similar feelings. It helps many people feel as though they are not alone and there are others out there who are going through similar experiences as they are.
The influence on Rock and Roll by the music that the first Africans brought to the United States is not always discussed but had a very important impact on the development of this ever-growing genre. This transplanted African music wasn 't exactly boogie-woogie or
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