The Impact Of Smart Growth Regulations On Affordable Housing

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“Every profession bears the responsibility to understand the circumstances that enable its existence.”― Robert Gutman
In trying to find material and an understanding about the issues of sustainability, smart growth and affordable housing I came across the preceding quote by Robert Gutman author of “Neighborhood, City, & Metropolis: An Integrated Reader in Urban Sociology”, which I thought encapsulated my efforts in writing this paper. This paper is not so much an attempt to make an argument for one aspect or another of the three E’s of sustainability, nor is it an attempt to argue about the effects of smart growth regulations on affordable housing, but rather it is an effort to understand what these key elements are and how they may or may not actually relate to each other. As such this paper is a survey of sustainability, smart growth and affordable housing and how regional governments may or may not impact the three issues, their relationship to each other and their effective application.
Sustainable Development:
My knowledge prior to this class about sustainability was that it was an attempt or effort to protect the environment from the encroachment of unchecked suburban sprawl. My assumptions were that it was a product of the 1970s counter culture hippie movement and a return back to nature. However, during the process of studying this subject I have since come to learn that sustainability is much more than just about the environment, but rather also about the economics

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