The Impact Of Social Media On Our Society

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(Show clips from Joey, Connor, Ingrid, Troye and Hannah’s coming out videos)
(Black out)
These people are highly respected by this, the social media generation. They are role models and yet, they do not have the same rights as many others. They cannot marry the ones they love.
(Cut to me)
Harper Lee wrote it well, you never truly understand a person until you climb inside his skin and walk around in it. Imagine the whole world was flipped, and being homosexual was the norm and heterosexuality was considered abnormal. By the standards of the church you were disowned and you couldn’t marry the one you loved. Would you try to fight for your own rights? So that if you were seriously injured tomorrow, your partner could have a say in your …show more content…

After presenting the evidence from both perspectives, I will then evaluate whether the legalisation of gay marriage can be seen as a step towards considerable social change or if the evidence given aligns more thoroughly with the arguments of cultural conflict. Unquestionably based upon the acquired research, it can be seen that Marriage Equality is an inevitable social change to come in the following years in Australian society.
Gay Marriage in the past few years has been a topic that has been highly debated and discussed. As with any controversial issue, there are two sides to this argument. One side, the opposition, cites religious view points and concerns about fornication and further raisse concerns that the rights of marriage should be restricted to heterosexual couples ( An increasing number on this side of the argument have recently changed their opinions over the last few years as a result of mounting pressure from LGBTI groups. People supporting marriage equality assert that marriage is a civil right and therefore should not have restrictions based on sexual orientation. This side firmly believes that love, not sexual orientation, is grounds enough for marriage ( The supporting side seems to be the populist view point, as evidenced from the recent changes of law in some of the most prominent countries in the world, such as America.
The supporting side of

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