The Effects Of Social Media On Our Society

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Using Social Media to Boost Your Recovery from Drugs and Alcohol When you are suffering from a debilitating addiction, it 's easy to feel alone, isolated, and frightened during recovery. However, the emergence of social media has helped connect the world in a way never imagined. And you can tap into these brand new resource as a tool towards fueling our recovery and regaining a life of sobriety. The Widespread Nature Of Social Media The impact social media has had on our society is staggering. A study from 2013 found that nearly two billion people around the world utilized social media. To put that into perspective, that 's one in every four person. Social media has spread from being a youth-oriented concept to one that even the elderly have accepted. People who couldn 't check their e-mail are suddenly connecting and sharing with friends and family around the world. While the rampant spread of social media has caused problems, such as cyber-bulling and even social media addiction, there are far more positive uses for this new communication method. For example, people who briefly met in college can now stay in touch and even generate lifelong relationships. And even people on different sides of the country (or the world) can meet and fall in love. How This Can Help You When you 're suffering from drug addiction, you need support and guidance to help you through recovery. The friends and family of your social media network can help give you the helping hand you need

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