The Impact Of Social Media On Sociology

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Development of technology over the years has become more and more evident as the society picks up on new methods to improve living standards and conditions. Technology, as we know it, is the use of scientific knowledge with the purpose of solving certain problems or make life easier. The initial use of scientific knowledge has changed over the years as human beings keep innovating ways of making living easier as well as advance the standards of living. This is what has always been described as technological advancement. As a result of technological advancement, society has been obliged to also transform in an effort to keep up with the ever changing technology. There are quite a number of perspectives concerning the influence that social media has had on sociology in general. Most of these perspectives have been brought up as people try to find out the level of dependency on technology in sociology. The internet, for instance, whose initial use was for the government and governmental operations, has turned out to be a tool for societal interaction as well as a way of making and finding numerous opportunities. It has been reported that the number of internet users doubles every year which shows an increased dependence on technology for the society. In addition to that, the use of technology is not only limited to opportunities and obtaining information but also on the ever increasing use of social media. In society today, the use of social media has become a platform for
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