The Impact Of Space Travel On Our Earth 's Climate Essay

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It really bothers me that we live on the most conveniently located (since I’m already on it) planet capable of sustaining life, and we choose to allow it to degrade quickly until we can’t actually live here anymore. Space travel isn’t remotely feasible for the entire population, and it makes so much more sense to stop screwing up the planet we’re already on instead of trying to find a new one. In the past 200 years we’ve made a greater impact on our earth’s climate than we have in the preceding 200,000 years of our existence1, and it definitely hasn’t been a positive impact. Our climate cycles on its own over long periods of time, but this latest cycle has changed at a much more significant rate than any of the previous theorized cycles. We’ve had technological revolutions that have given us amazing creations that we could never have even dreamed of, and there’s no way we could ever go back. But we already know it’s possible to continue enjoying all the conveniences of modern living without leaving a giant carbon footprint. If we don’t stop messing up our atmosphere, the ocean levels will continue to rise, the hole in the ozone will get larger, and the temperatures will continue to get more extreme resulting in me having to leave my jackets in the closet 3/4ths of the year and also the oceans will envelop us. The ozone hole in Australia has gotten to be such a huge issue that it is estimated 2 out of 3 Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer before they turn 70.2

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