The Impact Of Technology On The Allied Victory During World War Two

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How did the development of new technology aid in the allied victory during World War Two? The Second World War (WWII) was a devastating global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945, causing struggle and suffering across much of the world’s nations. During this period, technological developments increased significantly and advancements in every field of war were emerging quickly and leaving huge impressions. New inventions and scientific principles emerged during WWII in fields such as weaponry, communications and effective defensive means that helped lead the allies to total victory. Allied weapons technology developed at a rapid rate during WWII and was crucial in overpowering the German and associated forces. Developments in tanks, bombs and other weapons across many allied states, contributed to their victory. New communication technology meant that forces could crypt and encrypt secret messages and detect enemy forces from never seen before distances, making the idea of “surprise attack” virtually impossible. Defensive technology, although not necessarily considered as a large part of the war effort, played a crucial role in protecting the allied countries from invasion or surrender and ultimately helped defeat the axis forces. Defensive systems were implemented by the allied countries including Chain Home and the Maginot line that helped win back control. Development of weapons technology is what primarily changed the tides of WWII, essentially winning the war for the

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