The Impact Of The American Frontier

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The Impact of the American Frontier American frontier is the border area of settlement of their descendants of American counterpart. The American civilization was established a long time ago, but even later the American West held a great attraction for some of the men. However, the frontier began when colonists settled on the east coast of the continent the 1600s.The values represented the American frontier that are important such as Self-Reliance and Rugged individualist, American macho, Inventiveness, and Can-do-spirit. Each value represents the American frontier. For a long time, the experience for the Native American became an important part of American frontier life. However, “American frontier was romanticized in popular motion pictures and network shows that included cowhand saints battling Indian scoundrels”. Little consideration was given to the terrible story of what truly happened to the Native Americans, otherwise called the American Indians. Today, most Americans are more careful of the darker side of the settling of the landmass, when a great many American Indians were killed, their territories taken, and quite a bit of their way of life was crushed. “There is a restored interest for Indian societies, and the Smithsonian now has an exhibition hall dedicated to Indian society in Washington, D.C”.The two heroes of the American frontier, Daniel Boone, and James P. Beckwourth represent the challenges they faced in the wilderness and the American values that were

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