The Impact Of Video Games On Child Development

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Technology innovation usually changes the world in certain aspects that affects human life, especially when it comes to childhood development. There are strong arguments on both sides regarding about how video games affects child development. Yet, it´s common knowledge that everything that is overused, like play games for more than certain amount of hours, is not good for your health, even drinking too much water can be harmful. On one hand we have scientists claiming that video games are the future of education but on the other hand, some games have aggressive exposure that might reflect in child comportment.

After recent studies made by NPD, New Product Development, who showed that more than 90 percent of children play video games and the rate for the children between three and five years old that play video games is the one that increased the most, parents started to wonder how this phenomenon affects child development since video games have been attracted children all over the world.

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I was three years old when I played video game for the first time in my life. My dad played all the classics, from Megadrive and Nintendo 64 to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so video games were something very close to me when I was growing up. Also, every kid that plays video games will spend a couple of hours in front of the screen so it is a great opportunity for parents to use the technology in their favor by mixing fun time with education time.

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