The Impact Of Virtual Communities And Social Media On The Virtual Community

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Although virtual communities and social media primarily exist in the virtual world, they have made an impact on the physical world just as much as the virtual one. The Internet is changing the way people work, relax, interact ... it is changing the way they live their day-to-day lives. More and more people are beginning to replace face-to-face interactions with online interactions due to the easy interaction offered by online platforms. These new found virtual communities are new ways of interaction that have been made possible by the Internet. Social media and virtual communities have become to be part of every-day life, and are with this, beginning to replace the interactions taking place in physical spaces. This idea is presented by Rheingold’s “A Slice of Life”, in which he presents the first, second, and third places to describe the essential social surroundings in people’s life and their community. The first is the social environment of one’s home, and those that one lives with, which is the most private and personal space one has. The second is the office, or where one works, which has a presumed order and day to day routine. The third place is the place people gather for conviviality, which includes environments such as cafes and parks, and are of vast importance due to them allowing for interactions holding society together and establishing feelings of a sense of place. These third places are shifting to the virtual world, due to the similarities found between the
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