Shannon Matesky Myspace Analysis

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Social media has become one of the greatest developments of human technology history. In today’s society, human are surrounding by the social media and wireless devices. In Shannon Matesky’s spoken word poem “MySpace”, the poet explains “physical contact is more important than our number of contacts” (Matesky). According to the poet, Shannon Matesky successfully redefines the word “Myspace” from a formal definition of “the distance from other people or things that a person needs in order to remain comfortable” (Merriam-Webster), to an operational definition of the contact created on the social media. People now forget how to stay with face-to-face relationship, social media become the new way of communication. “We can’t deal with the face-to-face so we let technology replace the space that people are supposed to fill”(Matesky), said Matesky, we are losing the ability to connect each individual face to face, and socially connection has been taking over through social media by using technologic device. Shannon Matesky has successfully redefined the actual meaning of “Myspace” from the distance between two to the space one’s create on the social media. MySpace no longer refers to distance between two, but to…show more content…
The poet referring to the website “MySpace” and speaking of how it is in fact a lack of privacy which ironic as it insinuates that you actually have "no space". We have the freedom of speech but the freedom you have can come back and against you. The privacy becomes one of the serious problems on all kind of social media. Social media allowing for people to be able to access many details of one’s life. Every action, every speech a person giving out on the social media could be see, read, and argued by all kinds of people. Under social media not thing can be hide. Privacy policy is not really protecting your
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