The Impact of Chewing Khat and the

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1. Introduction

1.1. Background of the study

Some oral traditions claim that khat originated from Yemen, however the literature indicates that khat originated from Ethiopia, specifically in Hararge with a gradual expansion to different parts of Ethiopia, Yemen and other parts of the world as cited by Huffnagel in1961 (Dechassa ,2001).

In Ethiopia khat is an important and potentially lucrative cash crop. The employment opportunity created through the cultivation of khat is very high in that large numbers of people are involved in growing, harvesting, sorting, packing, transporting, loading and unloading the commodity (Dechasa, 2001)

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Chapter one will deal with introduction that comprises the background. Objectives, significance. Scope and methodology of the study. In chapter two the data analysis and recommendation depending on the result was organized. For the successful achievement, each chapter contents was analyzed detail and in depth.

1.6 Data Collection Method In or.der to acquire reliable accurate data different data collection method that includes both primary and secondary was followed. In the primary data collection method. A structured questionnaire was prepared and interviews the respondents. On the Other hand secondary type of data can be used to organize related literature and to analyze the existing data with respect to this study, if present.

1.7 Sampling (Sample procedure) The sampling procedure to be used in determining the sample size was the non-probability sampling technique that comprises the purposive, quota, personal judgment and dealing easily accessible respondents mechanism. This as the researcher, the quota type of non-probability sampling was used to determine the number of respondents in each kebele.

1.8 Sample Size
The total number of sample size was 40respondent, which its size is determined using the non-probability sampling.

1.9-Techinques of Data Analysis and Interpretation
In processing the collected data, the data was depicted using the tabulation narration, and graphic as required. Ratios

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