The Impact of the Washington State Railroads

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the impact of rail roads on the washington state
Can you imagine living in a car for six months? If not then try to imagine how hard it would be to be living in a wagon thats always moving. Everyone having to pitch in by either collecting firewood, walking beside the wagon to make the load lighter for the horses, or taking care of seven or eight children, the exhuastion knocking you out every night. Then when you finally get to the land you travelled so far to get a piece of, there is more work then thought. The railroads changed all of that worry and hard labor. On September 8th, 1883 the railroad came to Washington State making almost everything alot easier. The railroads had a major influence on washintons development. The railroad …show more content…

" [brochures] ... written in swedish promotes agricultural, logging, and mining resources in western washington state to encourage settlement by swedish immigrants." People from everywhere were coming to Washington and anywhere else in the Pacific Northwest.
Another way the railroad changed the way we lived was

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