The Impact that the Protestant Faith Has on Society in the United States

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The American education system is a prime example of an institution that has been formed around the exclusionary principles of American society and as a result the education system, which has become the preferred means of climbing the socioeconomic latter, is also an institution that works to indirectly keep poor minorities in their hierarchical place. Schools that were meant to be public facilities of education continue to be funded under the assumption that these institutions are necessary and inclusive. Although public schools are necessary, they are far from inclusive, in fact the best schools can be defined as sects. Max Weber wrote about the exclusive characteristics, benefits, and consequences of sects in terms of religious groups,…show more content…
Plant High School uses its designated district as a way to insure that it only accepts those who are socially and "morally qualified", and to ensure that those who attend Plant High School would "have qualities of a certain kind" and that "these qualities were ... bred in him" (Weber, 1920/2011, p.224). Although, it is not specified what qualities are being sought after by Plant High School, it can be easily inferred that the qualities include that prospective members come from a prominent family, affluent family, and a white family, this can be seen simply by watching the video "About Plant High" on the schools web page. More empirically, it can be inferred by examining Plant High Schools accountability report found on the Florida's Department of Education's webpage which reported that 68.8% of those attended Plant in 2013 are "white", to the mere 7.3% who are classified as "Black or African American". In addition, there was only a population of 16.1% of attendants that were "economically disadvantaged". The commonly accepted justification for the composition of
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