Rhetorical Analysis Still Separate Still Unequal

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In “Still Separate, Still Unequal”, Jonathan Kozol, a teacher, author, and educational activist and social reformer argued that “American schools today might be more segregated than at any time since 1954…[which] threatens an entire generation of Americans”(Rereading American book). “Still Separate, Still Unequal” was affected by the author’s life, works, and purpose in that his thoughts are biased based on his experiences as an inner-city elementary school teacher and work with poor children and their families and was persuasive for an audience of American citizens. The view Kozol had on this topic of the “resegregation” of schools in America is explained and written as a negative look on the American education system.
Kozol argues that there is a “deterioration of classroom conditions and teaching practices” and that there are lines drawn by race deciding who gets a better education. He establishes ethos by giving specific examples and numbers to prove that he has researched what he is talking about and has the knowledge to report on this topic. He gives statistics of the racial profile of schools, in which the poorer, dirty, ill-supplied, and lower teaching standards had the majority of blacks and hispanics in their school system compared to the nicer schools with their students being predominantly white. He states that there are no words to express how “deeply isolated children in the poorest and most segregated sections of these cities have become” (Rereading America

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