The Impacts of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans

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I am doing a project on the impacts on New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.
Hurricane Katrina hit on August 28, 2005. The hurricane caused many deaths and many injured people after this disaster. They lost so much money for repairs and all the oil that they lost from this catastrophic event. The news reporters saw this coming way before it happened. Hurricane Katrina started at the bottom of Florida in Cuba in the Atlantic Ocean. The Mayor issued a mandatory evacuation. The Superdome was used as a shelter for a last resort. The tropical depression that became Hurricane Katrina formed over the Bahamas on August 23, 2005, and meteorologists were soon able to warn people in the Gulf Coast states that a major storm was on its way. 80% of New Orleans population had evacuated before night fall. The storm made a 90 degree turn right towards New Orleans. The winds got up to 175 miles per hour, the storm was about 400 miles and the center (the eye) was about 225 miles long. This storm was a category 5 storm. The waves in the ocean was at least 40 feet tall. Katrina affected about 90,000 square miles of land in the United States. There was about 20 feet of water on the streets and over houses after the storm was over. 80% of New orleans was covered in water. Hundreds of flights were cancelled or diverted. Many people were impacted during and after Hurricane Katrina. People don't realize how much it can impact them until it happens to them. Hurricane Katrina is one of the biggest

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