The Impacts of Mncs in the Economy of Bangladesh

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In the age of capitalism the Multinational Companies are the part and parcel of the economy of a country.A Multinational Company is company which is originated in a country (home) and expands its activities through the world.

The Indian Sub-continent has been an exquisite land of attraction for the businessmen since a long been.Bangladesh, after achieving birth in 1971 had become a fascinating body by the MNCs. As capitalization is going on through the world the MNCs are given an unwritten license to expand their business over the world. In this sequel action American Life Insurance Company ltd. Launched in Bangladesh as a first ever MNC. Since then to today around 100 MNC have been competing in Bangladesh.
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So to construct the seminar paper we have categorized all the existing companies into five sectors. They are banking sector, telecommunication sector, consumer products sector, pharmaceutical sector, and construction sector. We have taken two MNCs from each sector as sample and collected data of last two years.. From telecommunication we have selected Grammenphone and Aktel as sample, HSBC Bank and Standard Chartered Bank as the sample from the banking sector, Unilever and British American Tobacco (BAT) as the sample from the consumer products sector, Sanofi Aventis and Novartis from pharmaceutical sector and Holcim and Lafarge Surma Cement from construction sector. These two MNCs from each sector represent the roles of socio-economic contribution, which have been done by MNCs as a whole.
Based on collected data from different sources, we have analyzed the information and data with graph. Our purpose of sampling is to bring out the total overview about the contribution of MNCs in Bangladesh. Based on the study we made some recommendation on it.


The ultimate intension of the study is to explore the prospects of MNC in Bangladesh with giving a strong emphasis on the economic and social contributions. MNC has become a phenomenon in the developed and developing countries all over the world. Bangladesh too considered a prospective land for the MNC development. A very good number of the well known MNCs have their launch
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