The Implications Of The Criminal Justice System Essay

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Prison is a place that houses vile and deplorable individuals that have disturbed the public’s peace, a place where justice is served… Or at least that is how it is portrayed. It is easy to forget that these individuals are also human, just like everyone else that might have made a mistake that led them to be in a particular situation. Some may be in this predicament due to their background, others may be due to some kind of illness. The criminal justice system is in no way perfect, which is why it has great difficulties in trying to find a right balance of how to deal with the numerous different individuals that have particular needs. In this paper, I will address the implications brought upon by mentally ill and aboriginal offenders in prison. Mentally ill and aboriginal prisoners pose different and unique challenges to the criminal justice system, such as in relation to correctional personnel, the inmate population, and the community. Prison, as many sociologist see it, is a total institution. Total institutions, as defined in our text, Canadian Criminal Justice: A Primer by Curt T. Griffiths, are “correctional institutions, psychiatric hospitals, and other facilities characterized by highly structured environment in which all movements of the inmates or patients are controlled 24 hours a day by staff” (p. 245). The personnel in these establishments are in charge of observing, protecting, and assisting individuals confined in these prisons. There are many myths and

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