The Importance Of A Child 's Race Essay

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A child’s race can influence whether or not that he or she will be misidentified as needing special education. Disproportionality refers to the overrepresentation and under- representation of particular demographic groups in special education programs in relation to the overall student population (Disproportionality, 2008). Disproportionality can impact and have negative effects on a child throughout their entire education. This issue applies to various subgroups, but this paper will focus specifically on the overrepresentation of minority students, African Americans in particular. Disproportionality has been a significant issue for decades yet, many students continue to experience the effects of being misidentified in schools and labeled as a special education student due to multiple factors. This paper will address the specific factors of why minority students are being overrepresented in special education. This paper will also examine and argue what reforms could be done to minimize the issue. Disproportionality of Minority Students Placed in Special Education Introduction One of the most complex issues in special education today is disproportionality. Disproportionality was first reported in 1968 by an educational researcher named Lloyd Dunn. Dunn observed that 60 to 80 percent of students who were misidentified for special education services were students from low-status backgrounds including African Americans and students from non-middle class
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