The Importance Of A Early Brain Development

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Successful early brain development is essential to many future aspects of positive physical and mental health. The community context I have chosen to analyse for this topic is a local residential college for university students in a metropolitan setting, established in 1952. Much of what I discuss will be derived from personal observations and statements or statistics collated by the Dean . 168 students (89 females and 79 males) approximately aged from 17 to 26 years of age, each from differing backgrounds reside in this community. 16% of residents are international whilst 42% originate from interstate and approximately 20% speak native languages other than English. The college is operated by, foremost the Principal and the Dean who both live on site with their families; also there is a college board, alumni and various other staff (administration, cleaning, cooking and maintenance staff) who all contribute to operating the college environment. Three ‘teams’ exist in the college: the Academic Team (tutors for students), the Residential Advisory Team (senior students responsible for new students’ transitioning and general wellbeing), and the College Club (largely responsible for social events).

Most of the students have moved to the college from country towns to gain access to tertiary education, whilst others flock from locations all over Australia and internationally to study their chosen university degrees. The college is proud of its welcoming, multicultural community.…
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