The Importance Of A National Study By Add Health

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Introduction Most educators will tell you the community in which a child lives makes all the difference. A national study by Add Health found that children who feel a connection with their school are less likely to engage in deviant adolescent behavior (Blum & Rinehart 1997). Students may have the same state regulated academic standards and may have similar funding but school districts can have vastly different learner outcomes. Neighborhood schools can bring together students, parents and community. Teachers can be responsive to their student’s needs by being knowledgeable about their student’s culture and by understanding the reality of their economic and social situations at home. These connections shine a light on the needs of our …show more content…

The state randomly assigned students to smaller classes with 13-17 students, regular classes with 22-26 students and regular classes with an aide. The research not only showed that all smaller classroom size improved student’s academic achievement but in particular minority students improved at a higher rate than non-minority students. The Center for Public Education (n.d.) agrees by recommending that class size of no more than 18 students be implemented in kindergarten through third grade to increase student achievement. Although there is research available that finds no difference in academic achievement in large or small schools (Cotton, 1996), a closer look will show authentic learning experiences need to be a goal in the classroom to achieve higher academic results. Oxley & McCabe (1990) state, “marginal students are much more likely to become involved, make an effort, and achieve” in a smaller school. This may hold a key for raising academic achievement for our at-risk students. Student-centered classrooms that create ways for students to demonstrate their understanding of learning activities show that students are willing to be more engaged and take on risks in classroom activities when they feel safe (Black, 1999). The teaching for understanding proponent of the Iowa Core’s “Characteristics of Effective Instruction” from the Iowa Department of Education (n.d.) encourages students to think in a provoking way. Teachers need to utilize

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