The Importance Of A Woman 's Own Perspective

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From the early days of my prostitution, especially at the brothel, I came across several women who had children from their notorious and illicit relationship. On my inquiry, I found end number of reasons why a woman wants to progenerate children. Our social taboos are no doubt unabashedly responsible, other than a woman’s own perspective like being a complete woman – who procreates a life, is widely taken to be foremost and significant, apart then old age blues, melancholic atmosphere, despondency and much more.
From my adulthood, I too was smitten by the word family, as I told you earlier my initiation in prostitution was not my choice, circumstances forced me to adopt this profession, I always dreamed about a man in my life with many …show more content…

Their affair was on the lips of every woman of our street and she once attempted to elope with him, but incidentally was caught and the kind of treatment she got is still vividly remembered by one and all. It made a history of sorts by dissuading others, never to step in the thought of eloping the brothels. In a blink of an eye, without any delay, a crude message circulated all the brothels, never at any point any prostitute ought to dare to bring in her psyche an idea to race away from the brothels.
Umar Daraj was their infamous and inglorious product and from a very young age started working as a pimp, he never went to a school, despite the best efforts of his mother and spent usually loafing and loitering on the streets and picking up fights on inconsequential issues. He definitely surprised me, I was aghast to see him; he had really come out a handsome man with large black eyes, stout shoulders and burly hands with slightly pinkish cheeks. He was adequately dressed in well polished black shoes; his youthfulness could make any woman his beloved and possessed the wizardry to kill at the first sight.
On his coming close to me, I asked, “If I am not wrong, you are Umar Daraj?”
He nodded his head and I again asked him curiously, “What are you doing these days and how after so many years you recognized me?”
“How you can break out of my

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