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As I approach my final semester at UCCS I have looked back on the last four years of my life. Over this time, I have been involved with several organizations of campus such as, LIVE Leadership, Pre-Health Society, Colleges Against Cancer, and LEAD UCCS. Off campus, I have been involved in the local community by refereeing youth soccer games, volunteering for Centura Health, Switchbacks F.C., and the United States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA). All of these groups and organizations have an overall goal of improving the surrounding community, and most of these groups are related to UCCS at some level, except for the USABA. The USABA is an organization that I have worked with for many years, but unfortunately had no solid connection …show more content…

Many sighted students and staff attended the event. None of them had any prior knowledge of Goalball, but they recognized that Goalball is a highly inclusive activity that promotes physical activity for both sighted and non-sighted individuals. One of the two blind students also attended the event, which I felt that alone justified all of my efforts for this event. Completion of this project has also helped me to apply the skills I have learned in UCCSlead, LIVE Leadership, and the multiple fall leadership conferences I have attended. One of the goals that I did not reach was for Sport Management students to attend. This was quite disappointing for me because I truly hoped to increase interest to the USABA to the Sport Management students, because many of them forget about the Paralympics as an avenue to work in Sports at an elite level. The sponsor organizations for this event were quite clear. On campus my sponsor organization was UCCS Disability Services. They helped me in determining how large my target group was. They then helped me with event promotion to both non-sighted students and the campus at large. Disability Services was of great help through-out the planning and execution of the event. However, my primary sponsor organization was the USABA. They frequently host educational clinics and camps in various sports for blind populations.Kevin Brousard who is the Coordinator for all such events. He is also a

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