The Importance Of Academic Inequality In Education

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It has been established throughout previously mentioned economic-based examples that there is a significant relationship between economic status and academic success. However, studies show that educational achievement also has a substantial correlation with the other aspect of socioeconomic status; social class. This is because social patterns that are inherently designed to correlate an individual’s academic success with their social status, are often rooted in school systems’ structures. Although it’s evident that social class plays a substantial role in the success that a student will achieve throughout their academic career, pinpointing its extent is difficult since social class-based educational inequality is a complex issue. Professional sociologists Lynch, O'Neill (1994) discuss the social pattern of academic disparity based on social class being rooted in education systems and analyze previous studies on the matter. They imply that educational inequality is persistent in society because the higher socioeconomic status individuals who conduct the education system do so in such a way that they benefit from the lower socioeconomic status ones. “…the inequalities experienced in the education system by working class people has been colonised by middle class academics for their own professional purposes.” (Lynch, O’Neill, 1994, p. 307) Lynch, O'Neill (1994) refer to results from a study conducted by O’Neil (1992) to explain a major factor preventing class-based
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