The Importance Of Academic Writing

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Writing has become an essential way of communication in a technological world in which our voice has been transformed into written words, through text messages, e-mails, and documents widely used and published by everyone. By being a critical issue, students are compelled to learn College-level writing in college; although, the effectiveness of Academic Writing is a discussion among scholars its relevance should not be neglected. For some educators, academic writing does not add practicality to the students' future career communication; for others, college-level writing is an essential learning tool. Moreover, students are struggling in understand academic writing real usefulness and try to avoid this discipline. However, many factors have …show more content…

According to Trafimow et al., via other sources by multiple authors, “there is extensive data showing that writing is good for students. More specifically, Angelo and others all contend that writing impacts positively student learning, ability to think critically and ability to reflect on course material” (Trafimow et al. 05). In fact, critical thinking, as making objective judgments by well-supported reasons and clear statement arguments, is one of the skills required for almost all careers. For that reason, Academic Writing not only helps students to acquire knowledge and vocabulary but also it turns their communication skill more efficient in all areas.
The approach and the way of teaching writing have changed over time; however, the demand for this type of learning has increased, as well the need for better-written communication in various environments. As Subeom Kwak explains in Approaches Reflected in Academic Writing MOOCs, in the 1950's writing was focused on linguistics; "from the 1960s, a cognitive perspective has helped researchers to determine which strategies would be effective for students" (Kwak 139); in 1971 "the study had a major impact on research trends on writing as a process" (Kwak 140); in 1980's Hayes & Flower says, “Researchers also started to focus on audience goals based on the cognitive process model" (Kwak 140). Kwak says that "Sexton, Harris, and Graham identify

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