The Importance Of Age Discrimination

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Nobody will stay young forever. We all getting older whereupon our energy level diminishes. What remains is our wisdom and experience that we can forward to the next generation. Some employers value dynamic and flexibility and others value wisdom and experience. Working for an employer for over 30 years while providing excellent job performance and loyalty in any aspect, it is not right to get laid off all the sudden, only because a younger employee is replacing you. That is a terrible and awful notion. People feel exploited and now useless just like a product that you don’t need anymore. Where is the appreciation and thankfulness for all the work delivered in the last 30 years? All forgotten? I strongly believe it is never appropriate to discriminate based on age! We are all humans and we should all practice humanity. Everybody deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. It is just unfair, injustice and unreasonable to drop an employee like a hot potato after 30 years of loyalty and good job performance. Getting older and weaker is a natural inevitable process that is nobody fault. It affects all of us and we should act accordingly, therefore. Treating somebody unfair because of his age can backlash to ourselves in the future. Age matters all of us.
Give examples of two situations in which you believe age discrimination is acceptable and provide an explanation of your reasoning.
Example 1 Under the bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ) someone can be

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