The Importance Of Ancient Spartan Militarism

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Ancient Spartan militarism led to Sparta being a large military power in Ancient Greece, but the strict restrictions on citizenship led to the decline and destruction of the city-state. The overly strict requirements combined with a string of military defeats led to a weakened state from which the Spartan government could not recover from. This led to Sparta becoming a second rate power in Greece until its destruction at the hands of the Roman imperial army at the battle of Adrianople. Spartan militarism came into being when a man known as Lycurgus the Lawgiver reformed Sparta. During the seventh and eighth centuries BC, Sparta experienced extended periods of lawlessness and civil strife. Lycurgus studied the governments of the …show more content…

When they are in the agoge they are treated horribly, required to go barefoot and underfed. There were three main reasons for under feeding them. One was to get used to going without food so they could go on extended campaigns with minimal supplies. Another was to force them to steal to boost their survival skills. The third was to weed out the weak from them so none made it into the military (Cutler). The Spartans also used the boys to terrorize and control the helot, or slave, population (Ancient The slave population of Sparta was used to do the day to day activities the Spartan citizens saw as beneath them. They were farmers, servants, nurses, military attendants, and other unskilled workers ( The helot population outnumbered the citizen population significantly. Because of this, the citizen population was allowed to treat the helot population brutally and oppressively. They often got the helots debilitatingly drunk so they made fools of themselves in public ( On the harsher side of things, Spartans could kill the helots for trifle things such as being to athletic or to smart (, and there was an annual holiday where the citizen population declared ritualistic against the helot population, which meant all crimes against them were legal (Ancient These measures were put in place to keep the helot population living in fear, and to

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