The Importance Of Animal Conservation

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There are many animals that inhabit our Earth that are nearing extinction. Conservational efforts are made to help ensure that animals continue to reproduce normally and do not go extinct. The crisis between economic growth and allowing normal animal patterns is an ever-growing issue in today’s modern world. Roads must be built to allow transport which brings economic growth to cities. On the downside, roads often lead to animal casualties. Agriculture brings wealth and food to villages but is often disrupted by crop raiding species like elephants. In return, the villagers will kill the elephants. Big cats often find themselves as targets as they’ve eaten a farmer’s livestock, or they are hunted for trophies. The fight continues for …show more content…

They used informational reviews on TripAdvisor from park visitors. The types of WTAs spanned from captive to wild attractions. Sanctuary, farmed wildlife and street performance were also included in the study. The authors used a chart to demonstrate the score for the conservation and welfare ratings ranging from ±1-3. The Moorhouse et al. (2015) study shows welfare was scored based off: “'five freedoms' of captive animals—freedom from hunger and thirst; from discomfort; from pain, injury and disease; to behave normally; from fear and distress.” (p.6) The team then took the reviews from TripAdvisor and rated the conservational factor what visitors took from their experience. 14 out of 24 of the attractions had both negative impacts on welfare and conservation. Places like crocodile farms had negative reviews due to overcrowding but had positive effects on conservation status. Animal sanctuaries scored the highest on both levels, allowing the animals the freedom to interact and reproduce with each other freely. “The predicted future increases in global tourism, indicate an urgent need for regulation, in the form of an accreditation or certification schemes, policy instruments (e.g. taxation or quota fixing; or agencies to inspect and sanction WTAs globally” (Moorhouse et al., 2015, p.12). The purpose of this study was to audit WTAs to find out if they are really helping endangered species. Another conservational effort is achieved through hunting.

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