The Importance Of Art In Education

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There are many careers that have to rely on the arts and all the rest are influenced or supported by the arts. Art is found in many areas of life to stimulate creativity and expand knowledge. Many politicians decide to cut arts funding because they think the arts is not a necessity in our school systems. They also believe that cutting funding in the arts will allow the United States to excel in the subjects we are failing at in a worldwide standpoint such as the sciences, engineering, and mathematics. Although many of them feel that way and want major budget cuts in the arts, the people of our nation can fight and protest the government for what we want. Art integration is very important to classrooms because of cognitive learning, identity, social justice, and future careers. Art is found around every corner.
Children go to school because the need to learn and develop skills for the future. The children in the United State are deprived of arts in their learnings. Within many aspects of art from the start of putting pen on paper or the final piece the children can be engaged in critical analyses of their own and other’s work of art. The teacher can ask questions to provoke thoughts within the child such as how? Or why? Questions which will help children think about their work in a different critical approach. In the reading by Paul Duncum he stated “Children identify their experiences and realize more fully the meaning of their work. By constantly using technical, formal

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