Education : My Personal Philosophy Of Art Education

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Shelbi Gambrell 001 Philosophy of Art Education Art education is different for each individual. Some individuals have a formal art education that includes weekly, sometimes daily, lessons, while some students receive one week of the year dedicated to art and taught by their homeroom teacher after state testing. I was a teacher’s kid that knew how to craft and get all of the paint supplies out of the class. However, I was never taught the importance of holding my brush a certain way or the difference between foreground and background. Once I made it to high school, I was required to take an art history class and once again in college. My eyes were open to how art has changed over the years, but it’s impact on our nation’s history. Another form of art that I have been exposed to is dance. I began dance when I was eighteen months old and continued for twenty years. I am trained in multiple styles including jazz, tap, lyrical, clogging, and ballet. Through dance, I have gain a greater appreciation for the practice and spend time watching So You Think You Can Dance to learn the different types of dance from around the world. Art has the ability to make a significant impact on each life differently and diversely. Dr. Pamela Stephens (2007) encourages teachers to look beyond the curricular benefits of teaching art, and notice the way art can connect individuals with a unique way of expressing their personal growth. Art education allows children to develop knowledge

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