The Importance Of Arts Integration

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Arts Integration

The Arts are an important part of education. It allows students to express themselves and enriches their learning experience. By integrating the arts into everyday education it makes school a place students look forward to coming to. They can get excited about assignments and events that involve the arts. Not only does the integration of arts fun for students but also but also helps meet the needs of many learning styles.
A sense of community is formed among students when arts integration is involver. This is because there are many opportunities for students to collaborate. While working together on projects, students will encourage in intense social interaction (Crawford 2004).
Studies have found that when arts integration is implemented in the classroom, students are affected positively academically and cognitively. Academic outcomes are the achievements students make in the core academic subjects, including the arts. When literacy and language development has drama integrated into the lessons, research has found that it helps students with reading and writing by increasing and refining oral language skills and story-understanding. “The positive impact of arts-integrated instruction on literacy development is especially strong for English language learners at the elementary and middle school levels” (Anon 2017). Research has also found that math skills are improved when connections between art study are drawn. Music and dance have been found to help

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