The Importance Of Auto Insurance Coverage

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Here's what you need to know:

Auto insurance coverage is mandatory in most US states. As a single parent, getting auto insurance coverage for you and your children can be expensive.
There are specific coverage options that are essential to a single mother, taking any combination of these coverage options can provide sufficient protection.
Failure to add your 16-year-old or above teenager on your policy will result in the denial of a claim should the child get into an accident while driving your car.
As a single mother, there are several ways to bring your auto insurance costs down, whether you have a teenage driver added to the policy or not.
You significantly reduce your auto insurance rates by comparison shopping. Compare quotes from multiple providers until you find an appropriate policy.


Being a responsible parent is not easy. Being a responsible single parent is even more difficult, financially and in other aspects. You have to
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The level of required car insurance coverage varies across states. New Hampshire is the only US state without any auto insurance requirements. If you have smaller kids, you need to get the right cover to ensure that they are fully protected when you drive to and from different locations. Sometimes leaving them behind is not an option. Here are the most essential auto insurance coverage types for a single mother:

Liability Coverage

In most states, auto insurance liability coverage is the mandated level of car insurance. You don't want any trouble with the law. Therefore, make sure that you have purchased the right amount of liability coverage. Auto insurance liability pays for the damages caused to the other party's vehicle in the event of an at-fault accident. This policy will also cover any other type of damage to third party property as well as the medical expenses for any bodily injuries resulting from the accident.

Personal Injury
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