The Importance Of Being A Working Mother

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We live in a world where we are criticized for practically everything, from what we wear, how we act, to the decisions we make. Being a parent comes with many criticisms, such as how you raise your child, what you feed your child, or how much attention is given to the child. More controversy lies on working mothers mainly due to the growing concerns for the child’s well-being. It is important to see the negative aspects of being a working mother as well as the positive outcomes.
First and foremost the term mother must be addressed. In this _____ the term mother will refer to ______. In a study done, the mothers working schedule was evaluated in order to see if it was correlated with the child’s behavior. This study was mainly focused on low income mothers working a non-traditional schedule, the nightshift or graveyard shift. The results were what would be expected, that children experience a higher aggression behavior if their mothers took a nightshift job than if the mother did not work. (QUOTE) This is partly due to the fact that although mothers are physically present when their children arrive home, they may not be fully mentally there. That is, mothers who work at night may be exhausted in the morning due to the lack of sleep. Instead of paying attention to the child, their minds might be wondering somewhere else. This then raises the question of the quality of time spent with the child. Taking a look at the different working schedules of working mothers we see that…
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